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The first virtual PR platform putting journalists at the source of relevant newsworthy stories shared by SMEs and startups, with a little help of AI.

Empowering everyone to share their most newsworthy story.

Newsary is a free PR platform connecting journalists and podcasters with the source of exclusive stories shared by SME owners, entrepreneurs, early-stage founders, side hustlers, academicians and any experts in their field, with a little help of our journalist-trained AI.

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A game-changing reverse callout platform.

Bringing journalists, producers and podcasters to the source of exclusive newsworthy stories shared by any expert in their field, thanks to a little help from our AI.

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Powering the world of news

with idea-worthy stories.

98% of businesses are priced out of the mediatic space!

Enough of the same old tales of success from the same old successful businesses!

We empower small and starting businesses to put their most newsworthy story forward, to get their fair share of the spotlight and their spot in their customers' minds!

To power the world with fresh idea-worthy stories.

for story sharers and the media
Forever free
and frustration
Save time
putting real stories first and forward
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We revolutionise PR to put real, idea-worthy stories first and in front of the most relevant journalist and their audience.

Our own stories
We leverage AI and tech to revolutionise the PR status quo, making the mediatic space accessible to SMEs and startups, while changing the game for journalists searching for exclusive stories.
True stories
We're all for trustworthy content and that's why we don't let our AI make stuff up. Instead we prompt real humans to share their real experience and expertise in the most newsworthy way.
Good stories
We've built our platform with journalists to create the best possible outcomes for our users, story sharers and journalists, alike! And we're very mindful that we use AI for good and in lined with AI in the media ethical standards.

Our team

The Publicist, the Journalist and the AI Tech Expert

  • Marie Dowling

    Founder & CEO

  • Aarush Issar


  • Stephanie Palmer-Derrien

    Media Advisor